Purchase and processing of forest fruits and forest mushrooms





spruce, turmeric, boletus, foxglove, sorrel, rye


forest blueberry, forest blackberry, rose hips, wild strawberry, astalberry blackberry, astalberry raspberry



Смрчак - Morchella conica - morchella esculenta


Ѓурѓевка - Calokybe gambosa


Вргањ - boletus edulis


Лисичарка - Cantarelius cibarus


Јачарка - amanita caesarea


Рујница - Lactarius deliciozus




Forest blueberry


Forest blackberry




Wild strawberries




The company AERUS dooel has existed since November 2003 ...

..with the sole purpose of offering foreign markets, but also the Macedonian market products that represent a real treasure that our subcontractors collect in Macedonian forests and in the kitchens of the most discerning consumers to bring real magic of flavors, from the most ecologically clean areas of Macedonia.

AERUS dooel deals with the purchase, processing and export of forest fruits and forest mushrooms. We are located in the eastern part of Macedonia in the city of Probistip, by organizing the purchase in the entire eastern part of the country, where there is a great tradition of collecting forest fruits. We also cooperate with subcontractors from other parts of Macedonia. AERUS managed to establish a flawless organization of the purchase from hundreds of suppliers and organized pickers, which is crucial for the quality of the final products.

Purchased fruits in just a few hours come to our processing plant, which gives us the maximum quality, sought after in European markets. The company has a modern plant and state-of-the-art equipment for processing and storage of forest fruits. We have installed two shock tunnels for deep freezing of fruits and mushrooms, up to -35 degrees and storage capacity of 120 tons of berries and wild mushrooms at -20 degrees. We also have a dryer with a drying capacity of 3 to 4 tons per day.

The products we offer on the market are of top quality, and the best confirmation of that is the fact that we mainly place them in: Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Germany and Slovenia.

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